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Do you crinkle your nose in disgust when walking into a bathroom that reeks? Do you hate being forced to use stalls with no locks? Isn’t it humiliating when the stalls that DO have locks don’t lock properly and people walk in on you sitting on the can?

gross sink
Sink in UC with moldy tiles and mysterious organism growing.

Well, suffer no more! Pee, poop, and primp in comfort in the Best Bathrooms on Campus, as chosen by U of T students and us here at blogUT.

blogUT editor’s seal of approval 1. University of Toronto Art Centre (UTAC)
You’ve probably never been in this building, which might explain why it has the nicest bathroom we’ve found. That, and also because it’s an art centre. In any case, this bathroom has a window and is spacious, private, clean, and VISUALLY-APPEALING to boot!



2. Bahen Center, all
Most people who like Bahen’s bathrooms prefer the private, wheelchair-accessible ones, like in the photo below. The ones with multiple stalls are pretty awesome, too. They have wide stalls, are clean, and very abundant — this building has 9 (or so) floors, each with at least two bathrooms. Bonus points for you if you are female, because there aren’t a lot of women in the building.

Bathroom on the 4th floor.

3. Bader Theatre
We’ve never been here because it’s somewhat far away from campus but we hear it’s really great

4. Sidney Smith, main floor
These bathrooms used to be awful, but they’ve been renovated since. Now they’ve gone from eau de urine to automatic toilets and sinks. The only thing is that there is still a lineup during peak hours (for women, at least).

Let’s throw in a Worst Bathrooms on Campus

1. Trinity College, Larkin Building
We’ve never been here but the men’s room was described as “evil” and “simply terrifying. “The showers (wtf?!) drip and have waterbeads all over them, implying they’ve been used recently… If you opt to use the stalls (which have no light in them…. they’re lit by ambient light) you get to look at lifesized graffiti of [sexually explicit images]. Oh, and then the faucets will spray water directly onto your crotch.” — student.

2. Robarts
This shouldn’t be surprising, considering how many people frequent this place. Depending on when you go, it’s not the cleanest place.


3. Pratt Library, 2nd floor

4. McLennan Physics Building, second floor
The women’s bathroom here is not necessarily unclean or bad, but rather badly designed. The hot water comes out of a different spout than the cold, and it makes absolutely no sense to me. Are you supposed to wash one hand with the hot, the other with the cold, and switch between the two as you’re rinsing? I don’t understand! There is also a lineup in the women’s bathrooms between classes, which sucks because you really need to hustle to get there first.

A dimly-lit men’s bathroom in the basement of Trinity College.

Tell us what YOU think are the best and worst bathrooms!

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