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Lori, Author at blogUT – Page 11 of 11

By now you’ve probably seen tons of UTSU flyers and posters all over campus promoting the construction of a student-run space called Student Commons. It sounds pretty nice at first; after all, who wouldn’t want a 24-hour student space or… Read more →


Get your pens out! February is your chance to rub shoulders with some local literati (and get books signed to sell on eBay) as the Toronto Public Library launches Keep Toronto Reading, a series of events celebrating books and the… Read more →

Tuesdays with Professor ________ – blogUT

Tuesdays with Professor ____ is a new blogUT series that spotlights the classes and professors at U of T that have made an impact on us. Every third Tuesday we’ll be posting up a blogger’s experience, as a parallel to the book “Tuesdays with Morrie.” It offers much more than just the typical review of …

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Raha Francis

I fell into the fountain at the Louvre today. Yes, it is true. There is also incriminating evidence that I’m not sure I want to ask for (intended to be a nice picture of me trotting along the ledge —… Read more →

October 2011 – blogUT

The cosmetics industry, better known as the “beauty economy”, is thriving in this day and age. The industry has developed an inexhaustible number of beauty products, each designed to fulfill a specific purpose. Crest White Strips for a healthy and white smile, products from Neutrogena for healthy skin, and Listerine mouthwash to counteract bad breath.  …

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Mina, Author at blogUT

Looks like my window wasn’t able to capture as much sunlight today as usual! Midterm season is upon us and thank goodness for an extra day of the year! As promised, the March 2016 calendars are now available for print in two sizes: small calendar  8.5 x 11″ big calendar Enjoy and good luck with …

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My dearest readers, Ever need to write a peer/TA/prof/friend/family/person-in-general an email? We all have (I think). But ever have trouble deciding how to use that strict email/letter writing etiquette to establish the tone of your email? I mean we can’t start every… Read more →


This week on the web: The Twittersphere is buzzing about Hart House’s Craft Beer Festival, students take time to cherish the beauty of U of T, and Rob Ford gets a taste of U of T  at the Toronto Council… Read more →