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No, he’s not quite a victim of the slave trade, and yes, he is far too young to be drinking coffee, but at least it’s fair trade. But he is a bit upset that you keep on going to Timmy’s and Starbucks. Wanna try something a little more hip, funky, and a hell of a …

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The Canadian Film Fest (CFF) is back this year and will run from March 28-21, 2012. CFF founder and director, Bern Euler, was nice enough to answer some of blogUT’s questions. Read the interview below: First, can you give our… Read more →

January 2007 – blogUT

Groundhog Day is this Friday, Feb. 2nd. Now, you may not think of party when you think of Groundhog Day, but the good people at Crate Productions did! They’re the organizers of “Get Found: A Groundhog Day Party at Fort York”. There’ll be a scavenger hunt (with prizes), live music, and a party going on. …

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