An Open Letter to Lame T.As

Dear T.A,

Maybe it’s me. It’s possible that I expect too much from you, but maybe it’s not. I’m not entirely sure why, but in four years at U of T with countless tutorials, I can only remember two that I actually liked going to. Only two that made me give a crap.

I get it. Obviously you don’t want to be spending your time trying to explain basic theories and concepts to some undergrad that watches The Bachelor Pad religiously (don’t judge me). You probably have a thesis to write that will determine the outcome of your professional life. I empathize, but this is not where I want to be spending my time either. Especially when your speech induces a chorus of yawns.

I swear, I’m not trying to sound like a nag, I just want you to care. Pretend to care if nothing else. You’ve spent years reading and researching things I’ve only just heard about. You thought this was interesting enough to pay for grad school and CONTINUE reading and researching the same stuff. You can’t tell me you don’t feel passionate about something you’ve willingly studied for almost a decade. I don’t believe you. U of T is not cheap, especially grad school. So, you’re either passionate or have a Paris Hilton trust fund.

(This is obviously not me.)

I’m not asking for you to write a song detailing Plato’s Republic or act out Hamlet. That would be awkward, and excessive. Can you please just give me a little insight, a small window into why this particular subject is interesting enough for you to devote your youth to and what I am going to spend a year engrossed in? I promise, I will stop yawning and staring at you with half-baked eyes. Show me this crap matters, even a little, and I’ll contribute something legitimately interesting. I might even do ALL the readings. Crazier things have happened.

OK, I’ve rambled enough. You get back to disproving Einstein or whatever you do, and I’ll go watch Mad Men.


A Hopeful Undergrad.

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