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During my first year at U of T I learned a lot. I learned that if P then Q, and I also learned to never wear sweatpants on Bloor Street West. People always associate U of T with stress and Starbucks. The new “s” in town should be STYLE. U of T has such a diverse array of fashion hotspots that you get a different vibe from East to West.

Before coming to this school I was like “OMG I so need to buy adult clothes” … so I went to H&M and bought anything that screamed “I listen to obscure bands and don’t eat meat.” That was my first impression of U of T students (I’m from New College, which is at the heart of hipster central). However, after the first semester, I realized that there were SO many different environments here and there is still room for my own style. So I thought it would be fun to put to test the critical reasoning skills I gained in my first year and use them to map out 5 fashion hot-spots on campus.

Methodology: I don’t intend to stereotype by localizing the styles. Rather I created outfits based on observation, empiricism. I have established the following dichotomies according to my observations:

Victoria College (plaid skirt on map) : Rugby-inspired looks. Oxford meets Robert Pattinson. Hey, I ain’t complain’. The highlight of my day is bumping into a Vic boy with Raybans and a classic blazer. It gives me hope that one day I will find my very own Nick Jonas. Vic looks often include Keds, Boyfriend Blazers, Raybans, crests, Rugby stripes and a coffee mug, of course.

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