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naughty or nice

Well, he’s making his lists. Before he checks¬†them twice, I’ve put together a little quiz so that you can make sure you end up on the right one.¬†Here’s how you know which one you are:

Naughty: You dress up as Santa and fake your death in front innocent children

Nice: You tell your friend that if there was anyone you’d turn gay or straight for, it’d be them.

Naughty: You put Metamucil in the gravy.

Nice: You rescue Rudolph from Sarah Palin.

Naughty: Leave cookies out but put a sign beside them that says, “Santa, due to overwhelming concerns for your weight, I respectfully urge you not to eat these delicious home-made just-baked cookies. We’re very concerned, Santa!”

Nice: You tell Santa he can take the night off this year

Naughty: Big Mouth Billy Bass is your gift to [insert name(s)]

Nice yet Naughty: You tell little kids that even though their parents don’t love them, Santa does:)

Happy Holidays!

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