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Post written by Kent Kuran.

The Blue and White is a University of Toronto magazine to which both current and former students and professors can contribute. We are a member based institution where any reader is able to contribute should they desire to do so. We have featured content tackling a wide variety of educational, economical, political, and social issues.

Our reporting has made a difference by beginning public debates, eliciting official responses, holding those responsible to account, exposing corruption, and causing institutional change. Furthermore, it has brought back our forgotten past from which we can all learn. Beyond reports on current events, we delve into larger issues through long form reporting.

In addition to featuring content by reporters with worldwide journalism experience from The Economist, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and others, we have had student leaders, the Chancellor, the Provost, and Deans contribute, while still serving as an outlet for regular students and professors who just want to get involved.

We are a purely not-for-profit organization; we do not incur any expenses nor do we solicit any revenues. However, this model is only viable upon the support of volunteer writers from the university – a model which we are confident can survive given our success.

You can visit us online at from anywhere, anytime.

Contact Information:
12 Hart House Circle
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 3J9

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