Blog Abroad, Wales: A Vitamin D Deficiency in Wales

My entire 2nd year was spent preparing for my exchange (or it felt like it sometimes). U of T sets up this particularly rigorous process to weed out those who they think may not be fit outside of the confines of St George Campus. But if you can take on U of T, you can probably take on another university. Not probably, you can. So after all the time spent writing a statement of interest, resumé, forms, etc etc I am here: in Wales.

Not that I’m not enjoying my time abroad so far, I am, but sometimes I wish I did a little more research or perhaps got a little more guidance from previous exchange students. One of the most basic things that I am missing desperately is THE SUN! When applying I wasn’t thinking about climate or weather I was too focused on organizing my credits (a very stressful and back and forth process, I might add). But it has come to my attention that I am indeed a sun lover. Not that I’m a cold blooded lizard and would literally die with out the sun, but the 3 hours of sun we got yesterday literally boosted my mood 10x over. And not that Toronto is a sun capital but at least if it is cold we still get some rays at least every other day. In the winter months there is not as much sun but it does seem to shine down more in Toronto than in Swansea. To combat my vitamin D deficiency I have literally booked every weekend with a trip somewhere. I mean that was the plan: to see as much of Europe as humanly possible. Last weekend was Amsterdam and next weekend is London. Mission accomplished. Hopefully the funds can last me this long…

So to all who are thinking of going abroad, think about what may seem to be menial details such as sunlight or warmth or the lack of trees there might be. Your emotions will be forever grateful.

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