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I’ve met Margaret Atwood, Zack Snyder, and William Finn. I went to an early screening of The Man of Steel, got a free pass to JFL42, and drank an obscene amount of cheap beer. And I’ve been to dozens of free plays, often on opening night.

I owe all of these opportunities to one thing: my role as Co-Editor of blogUT. As a Co-Editor, I’ve had the chance to reach out to the student body, develop my skills as a writer and editor, and done tons of cool free stuff. And now, you can too.

blogUT is looking for a Co-Editor. Right now, I’m all alone, which makes the “Co” part of my name insincere. Plus, I need someone else to share the responsibilities, privileges, and perks of this experience.

If you’re interested, send an e-mail to with your relevant experience (a resume is fine), why you want to be a co-editor, and why you think you’ll be great at it. Applications close on Wednesday, October 8.

Co-Editor Responsibilities:

  • Editing and approving or rejecting blog post submissions as they are received. In the event that a submission must be rejected, the Editor should begin a discourse with the blogger who submitted it, explaining why it was not acceptable. Although it is not necessary, Editors who submit content are strongly encouraged to ask other Editors to edit their work for stylistic errors.
  • Approving or rejecting comments. Spam comments should always be rejected. Unless they are libelous or likely to offend, comments submitted by humans – even comments critical of blogUT or its content – should be approved.
  • Maintaining the website. This can vary drastically depending on current projects. The least amount of necessary maintenance is approving upgrades of themes and widgets.
  • blogUT is constantly in need of new bloggers. Editors are responsible for finding bloggers, creating their new user accounts, training them, and encouraging their activity on the blog.
  • Managing finances. This includes both clerical processes, such as signing bank forms, and financial decision-making. All financial decisions are to be made in conjunction with the other Editor.

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