December 2007 – blogUT

Here’s the thing…New Years Eve is almost entirely over-hyped and as a result sometimes a very big letdown. Somewhere out there your brother’s duechy friend has gotten a keg and a bunch of his uber cool friends together for a sweet time and you really won’t want to go. So, here is a list of non-lame things to do on New Years that are guaranteed not to let you down. However, if they do, it’s not blogUT’s fault and we are entirely not to blame!

A flashy new bar with flashy headlining entertainment. They’ll probably play “I get Around” which is such a good jam that it will single handedly save your night. Tickets are $40 and rumored to be going oh so fast.

A good option for anyone who wanted to get out of the city for NYE but was too broke. The New York dance infused beats of IN FLAGRANTI will have you forgetting that you’re only on college street, mere steps and days away from your next lecture.

CITY TV BASH@Nathan Phillips Square
Gone are the days of Sean Desmond bopping his way into our young hearts. We’ve all grown up and so has CITY. This year they’ve invited The Plain White T’s who may be a few steps up from Desmond; they even have a Grammy or something! The big selling point here is it’s FREE!

Midnight Cabaret@The Drake Hotel
Hey big spender! If elegance and a plated dinner are what you seek then the Drake is hosting a cocktail type party. Tickets range from $25 to $225.

The Sadies@The Horseshoe Tavern
The Toronto band put out an outstanding album this year and they played the same New Years gig last year so they must’ve done something right. Tickets are $25 at the door.

If all else fails, you could always share a bottle of Spumante Bambino with some friends. Laugh about the name, laugh about ’07 and enjoy the good company!

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