December 2009 – blogUT

The holidays are here and reading for pleasure is in season, so as a fan of Japanese literature (even if I don’t study it), here are a few books I really think you should check out. (Yes, they are translated to English.) Some of them can be found at your local bookstore, while others will require perhaps a trip to Robarts or an e-mail to a Japanese literature professor who happens to have an obscure translation. Most books can probably be found at the Japan Foundation Library, where you can get a library card for free. (You’ll need to be a Toronto resident for at least 3 months and a piece of I.D. with your address.) The author’s names will be listed here with the last name last as in the North American custom since they will appear on the covers like this if you’re reading a translation. Continue reading “A Few Picks from a Japanese Literature Aficionado”

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