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I don’t know about the rest of you, but as I sit at my desk rummaging through my notes and trying to remember the most intricate details for my upcoming exams, I feel that I am constantly badgered by various stores telling me to buy their stuff.

On any given day of this festive December month, I wake up to about 10 promotional e-mails telling me about how NOW is the time to explore their various sales and Christmas events. While each one tempts me to take the path of consumer’s lane and make my hands itch to pull out my credit card and dive into an episode of binge spending from which I would emerge both satiated and repentant, I am gradually brought back to reality by the pile of books sitting in front of me, ready to be explored.

This is the conflict of the holiday season. Students – while tempted to enjoy the jolly times with the outdoor skating rinks opening (i.e. Nathan Phillips Square), with lights going up everywhere, with Christmas music pouring out of every store and public establishment, and with the persistent push to buy, buy, buy, and buy some more – are rutted in a state of conflict. As they observe the holiday season come in, and take place and grow, they are stuck in their own little season called the Exam Period.

As a U of T student, I feel myself missing out on the little nuances of the beginning of the holiday season simply because I am forcing myself to focus on what I am told is more important – my studies. The exam season, while indispensable to those who want to strive in their university career, seems to rob us of the little things that were so vital to us as little kids.

So, for those of you who do celebrate Christmas (or any other holiday) this season, I propose a few tips (I will try to follow my own advice as well):

1. Make some sort of holiday decoration for your room to remind you of the holidays even if your nose is in a book!

2. If your holiday involves presents, start wrapping! I myself took an hour to wrap my family gifts and they are sitting in a pile reminding me that it will not be long before I am done with exams.

3. If there are any student holiday events taking place around you (however small) take part in them, for at least a few minutes. Do not let the necessity of studying take over every facet of your life (and that is advice that should be taken at all moments of the year!).

4. (Last one, I promise) Drink hot chocolate – with some sort of holiday snack – ‘cus there is no better way to endure the cold and the books than with a wonderful mug of sweetness and comfort!

So, with no further ado, I leave you promptly so that I can return to studying, while also perusing through some of the online Christmas sales, and thinking of how better to vamp up this holiday spirit of mine… I am a multitasker after all!

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