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Tomorrow is Hollywood’s most sacred holiday… the Oscars (or as they are trendily being called this year, just ‘Oscar’ – so suave). For all you keeners out there who are going to an Oscars party or just viewing with your friends, here is your one-stop guide to the best picture nominees, and some predictions from esteemed an film critic (me) who has triumphantly (although some might say pathetically) seen almost every movie nominated in almost every category this year. Your best bet to prove your brilliance in all things Oscar is to familiarize yourself with all ten best picture nominees, because these movies dominate the majority of the other categories. Consider this your Oscars Cheat Sheet, so that as you’re dipping your chips in guacamole during commercial breaks, you can impress all your friends with your pop culture savviness and thoughtful commentary.

2011 Oscars Guide to the Best Picture Nominations

Black Swan

Summary: A (seriously deranged) ballerina prepares to star in an upcoming performance of Swan Lake, attempting to embody the Black Swan as she is believed to be too innocent for this part of the role.
Natalie Portman, beautiful art direction, and brilliant camera work which creates a suspenseful atmosphere.
Cons: This film is trying very, very hard to be artsy and, as a result, can be pretty exhausting.
Will it win?:
Natalie Portman is a clear winner for Best Actress, but this (over)dramatic film is unlikely to get best picture in light of competition which is stronger and much more enjoyable to watch.

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