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Summer is here, it’s getting warmer (for the most part), and animals are procreating. You are probably in love, looking for love, or have aching loins. What do you all have in common? You’re frisky and you want to make out; don’t deny it! The U of T campus is pretty empty now that it’s summer, and if you are taking summer courses, why not take advantage of this? You might have your own secret areas to make out on campus, but here’s a list of our suggestions. Read on for photos, ratings, and a map of the best make out spots on campus!

10. Woodsworth College Quad


The Woodsworth courtyard is a perfect place for courting. It is quiet, except for the gentle sound of water flowing from a strange, fountain-like structure. There are windows all around, however. Anything you do will be seen, so watch out. Unless you’re into that stuff.
privacy: 2 locks
romanticness: 3 lips

9. Victoria College Pond

Victoria College

Victoria College
Perhaps you prefer an artificial waterfall to spice up your make out location. If so, then get yourself and your make out buddy to Victoria College’s pond, just off to the side of the Pratt Library. Careful not to get anything wet though. You don’t want to passers-by to frown upon your indecent behaviour.
privacy: 2 locks
romanticness: 3 lips

8. Faculty of Forestry

This thick mass of foliage near the Faculty of Forestry provides good making-out camoulflage from passersby. If you want to keep things PG, you can also just sit down and enjoy the peaceful sounds of birds chirping and leaves rustling.
privacy: 3 locks
romanticness: 3 lips

7. Lash Miller

Lash Miller
Don’t like trees? Recently constructed, the courtyard of Lash Miller is the place for you. You can still enjoy the sunshine and breeze without potentially getting dirt and leaves on yourself. Just don’t mind if a friendly, U of T raccoon passes by (yes, I saw one when I was taking this picture).
privacy: 1 lock
romanticness: 2 locks

6. Courtyard Beside UC

UC Courtyard
This is the perfect, open area to have a picnic and cuddle over a nice blanket. Don’t try to make any moves, though, because a lot of people walk by this area.
privacy: 1 lock
romanticness: 3 lips

5. UC Quad

UC Quad

If you liked the scenery in Harry Potter, you probably enjoy the atmosphere of UC. It has a very peaceful, mysterious, woods-ey feel. If that makes your loins tingle, that’s okay, because other people in the quad can’t see what you are doing if you are far enough away from them (given that it’s nothing too obvious).
privacy: 3 locks
romanticness: 3 lips

4. Knox College Quad

Knox College

Knox College
In the beautiful quad of Knox college, you will find yourself surrounded by gorgeous Gothic architecture. There’s even what looks like a love seat at your disposal. Don’t get too lovey-dovey though, because there are windows facing the quad. And afterall, you wouldn’t want to be caught doing anything unchaste in the quad of U of T’s school of theology.
privacy: 2 locks
romanticness: 4 lip

3. CCBR Bamboo Garden


How do you know if a location is a good make out spot? Well, you could judge the setting, the scenery, the privacy etc. Or, you could just notice that people always, ALWAYS, make out there. This, is one of those spots: the indoor bamboo garden in the CCBR building. Bonus advantage: it’s scenic setting indoors, so it can be your make out “go to” spot for those stormy days.
privacy: 2 locks
romanticness: 3 lips

2. Philosopher’s Walk

philosopher’s walk

With an expanse of trees, grass and paths, this romantically named location is an idea make out pot for those beautiful summer days. You can find a spot a bit out of the way to avoid the occasional passerby and break out your make out. (Oh yeah, I saw people making out while I was there to take the photos for this post)
privacy: 3 locks
romanticness: 3 lips

1. New College Basement

New College
This tutorial room located in the deserted, maze-like basement of New College is a definite no-no for first dates. On the other hand, you are looking for a private place to study, or “study” (hint, hint), it’s the perfect place to rent out from the porter. You can just lock the door and let loose.
privacy: 2 locks
romanticness: 1 lip

Rating key:
1lip – a last resort
2lip – acceptable
1lip – pretty good
1lip – very romantic

Privacy level:
1 lock – hand-holding and hugs only
1 lock – French kissing okay
1 lock – discreet PG-13 action allowed
1 lock – hubba hubba — anything goes!

Make Out Map:

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This post was brought to you by the collaborative effort of Lori, Barbara, and JP. Leave a comment below and tell us where you’ve made out on campus before! Upload photos of your favourite campus spots on the blogUT Flickr Pool. Alternatively, go give our suggested make out spots a try and tell us what you think!

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