I Smell Fresh Meat – blogUT

So I was doing a general skim-through of the tweets related to U of T to see what students are talking most about and I couldn’t help but notice something different. The Twitter feeds I was seeing didn’t have laments over essays or exams or burnt out messages of needing saving from Robarts. Now I realize this could be because it’s still the beginning of the semester but no, this wasn’t it. There was a sense of hope and excitement in these tweets, which we all know by now isn’t characteristic of our general experience here. Something is definitely up. Sure enough, these were tweets coming from high school students filling out their university applications. Ahhhhh the memories! The optimism of youth! I remember it well. The university hunting. Taking tours of Queen’s, Carlton, U of T, etc. Seems like eons ago and here a new generation is hoping to enter into this university of ours. Oh, the things they’ll learn! The shocks they’ll encounter! The sleepless nights! The moments of desperation!!

Brings back a ton of memories. If there’s one piece of advice you’d give these youngin’s, what would it be?

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