It’s Perfect Tennis Weather, so Play Tennis! – blogUT

Wycliffe College Tennis Court at intersection of Hoskin Ave & University Ave.

I hope everyone’s been enjoying the beautiful weather that June has brought us. The tennis players out there know that there’s no summer sport like a good round of tennis. Unfortunately, the public courts around campus are in terrible condition, and the AC is inaccessible in the summer, unless you’re taking a summer course. But did you know that Hart House members have access to a tennis court on campus?

That’s right! From May 24-Aug. 31, the Wycliffe College Tennis Court is available for use by Hart House members. The court is located at the intersetion of University Ave. and Hoskin Ave. Call the Hall Porters’ Desk at 416.978.2452 starting at 9:00 a.m. to book one day in advance.

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