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A couple of stationary supplies from MUJI
Stationery supplies from MUJI

Muji is a “Minimalist Japanese retailer with a wide range of generic products, including apparel and home goods” (from Google). For this blog post, I’ll be reviewing a small selection from their stationery section.

Muji pens are my favourite product they offer. For a decent price, you can choose from a range of pen sizes: 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm. The 0.3 mm pens are a bit too thin, so I prefer the 0.4 mm. Their pens are quite inky: they don’t spill onto the next page but they do run out of ink fast! It’s been hardly a month into school and I’ve already burned through quite a few  (this being my second haul this semester).

To save space, I went with the tri-pen (is this even the right word for it?) Basically, it’s an empty pen capsule that lets you put in three pen inks, which you buy separately. Pen inks range from 0.3 mm to 0.4 mm and there are three basic colours to choose from: red, blue and black. Blue and black are my go-to colours.

Instead of having to haul three different pens in my pencil case, I can play it clean and simple with a tri-pen (I’m sure this is a word I’ve made up by now). Once the tri-pen’s inks run out, you can easily buy another refill and keep on writing. (I hoard a handful for convenience’s sake).

The tri-pen I was trying to describe and their pen refills.

There are also a wide range of normal coloured pens to choose from:

Some coloured pens
Some coloured pens

This is actually my first time purchasing Muji notebooks so I can’t say for certain how well they’ll fit my tastes, but they are a bit thin and I’d probably burn through them in a month as well. The biggest incentive to buying these notebooks is the decoration area they have set up right next to the cash register. After you’ve purchased your plain notebooks you can head on over to the deco-area and stamp them up with different designs (yes, the notebooks in the photo above used to be blank)! Here’s a picture of the stamp table from Google:


So if you’re into cute, simple stationery supplies, Muji is definitely the place for you! Visit their website for more information, products, and prices . Cheers!

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