June 2008 – blogUT

Chick Corea and Return to Forever played a one-date show at the Sony Centre (formerly the Hummingbird) on Wednesday, as part of their first reunion tour in more than 25 years. It was the classic lineup: Chick Corea on keys, Al Di Meola on guitar, Stanley Clarke on bass and Lenny White on drums.

And wow. Like, wow.

These guys, after first pioneering jazz-rock back in the 70’s, still know how to jazz-rock da hi-zouse. All four of them must be in their sixties by now, and they kept alluding to their age throughout the show. At one point, the bassist walked up to the microphone and said, emphatically: “In this age of boy bands, [long pause], we are a MAN band”, then strapped his bass back on and they proceeded to rock out with the coolest, grandest of tunes.
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