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Craft Beer Passports in hand, I’m visiting Toronto bars and writing about the experience. Today: reminiscing at the Grapefruit Moon.

I haven’t seen Anne since Christmas, so we decide to meet for drinks. The Grapefruit Moon is convenient, we agree. 6:00.

We sit on the patio, which is nice, but the young family sitting next to us severely limits the kinds of conversations we can have. We look at the charming drinks menu, written in chalk on a small tablet, and Anne decides on a Steamwhistle. Trusty, safe, reliable Anne. I decide on the thing with the neatest name, and Anne dares me to order it as fancily as I can.

Black Oak Ten Bitter Years

The Black Oak Ten Bitter Years has received consistent praise from beer critics, including the title of Canada’s best Imperial IPA. I have some thoughts too. Specifically, I think that the Black Oak Ten Bitter Years (hereafter: BOTBY) tastes like someone took bitter beer and poured fruit punch into it. The bitterness and the sweetness clash like something terrible. My mouth curles up every time I take a sip, which Anne uses to great comedic effect. As the glass touches my lips, she says, “Have you heard from Danielle?” So BOTBY has something going for it.

The food menu at the Grapefruit Moon looks a little expensive for bar fare, so we call it a night after one beer and a couple hours of conversation each. Anne is doing well, by the way. She’s dramaturging a show in the fall.

Will I return to the Grapefruit Moon?

I spend too much time around children at bars in my day job*. No, thank you.


*This is a joke.

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