My Summer Exchange at Hebrew University of Jerusalem

I applied on a whim to U of T’s summer abroad program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and surprise, I was approved and accepted with a scholarship(!). I want to advertise this program because U of T pays for you to go.  You heard right, U of T has a fantastic program with the Canadian Friends of Hebrew University that paid for the majority of 95 UofT students to grace the one month summer program in Jerusalem.  I took two classes that counted as 1.0 U of T credit. There were many international relations students but you don’t have to be in that program to go on the exchange.  It was fantastic to widen my knowledge beyond what I study during the school year. The courses I took were the history of Zionism and international relations in the Middle East which were both hugely fascinating.  My time spent in Israel was not all academic, I did have time to escape studying and explore this beautiful country.  Highlights of my adventure was biking around the Sea of Galilee, snorkeling in Eilat, bobbing around in the Dead Sea, and eating as much hummus as humanly possible.  Jewish culture has always been a point of fascination for me so it was a great opportunity to travel and study simultaneously.  I feel that I learned more about the country because I was taking a class alongside traveling.  I encourage all to take advantage of the amazing summer program U of T offers.

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