Ph.D.s and Grad Students as Portrayed On the Simpsons – blogUT

A friend of mine shared this with me and I thought it was so funny I watched it twice. Notice how well-thought out and well-written the comments are (a rarity for YouTube).

Video highlights:

  • Bart teases the students by telling them that an assistant professorship opened up.
  • Bart cuts off the ponytail of a grad student, pretends to wear it, and says “Look at me, I’m a grad student. I’m 30 years old and I made $600 last year.”
  • Marge tells Bart not to make fun of grad students, “they just made a terrible life choice.”
  • Lisa throws breadcrumbs into the park and 4 grad students swarm in and start eating them off the floor hungrily.
  • Their supervisor says, “No food for you grad students til you grade 3,000 papers” and whips them.

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