September 2009 – blogUT

Now that I’ve seen all these posts on first years, I’d like to add to that mix and describe how it’s been in my third year at U of T so far.

This year is set to be the most challenging yet rewarding for me, I feel. I find my courses more difficult but definitely more interesting. I’ve fell asleep in only 1 of my lectures so far! Albeit it’s only been 2 weeks. Although I think I’ve made a little progress in terms of time management, discipline and hard work, and making a little more sacrifices here and there (i.e. less time at home and on Youtube = more time at library).

My first year was tough but second year was toughest for me since I slacked off even more. Trust me, first years, you don’t want to start slacking off after first year — it’ll only get harder to catch up! I’ve only started to learn how to study and it’s hard to get used to all that reading I must do before class. I used to not do any of my readings until right before the test, when there would be hundreds of pages to read.

I haven’t totally warmed up to U of T yet, though. Continue reading “My Life As a Third Year… So Far”

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