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Written by Curt Jaimungal.


People ordinarily respect the title of President.  Not in my case, though.  I get no respect.  Not from my execs team– not even from my own members.  I’m like a subordinate.  Nobody even knows me.  My own members wonder “who is this depressed brown kid wandering around?…”  I once had an editor close the door to my own office because she thought I was from a different club!  How dare she…

I’m Curt Jaimungal of University of Toronto Television, hopefully you’ve heard of it, and I co-founded this club with a friend.  I’ve spent the past couple years managing this club, and even though I’ve made a conscious effort not to interact with people I’ve actually learned a lot about running such an organization.

You don’t have to be a socialite to run a club.  I’m not a fun guy, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t even “club.”  Working on a student club is as close to “clubbing” as I’ll get.  So if you’re anti-social, don’t worry, you’ll fit in just fine.

I wanted to impart some knowledge to you, like an old Uncle.  What qualifies me to give advice?  I’ve been running UTTV for more than three years now, and I’ve networked with most of the active clubs on campus.  We’re also one of the largest clubs. (By the way, just like an Uncle’s advice, it’s probably not that useful.  But hey, at least I’m not at the dinner table awkwardly telling you things about your Aunt you shouldn’t hear.)

UTTV started because we noticed that basically every other university had a student television station.  Even Concordia.  That’s right… Concordia.  Have you heard of Concordia?  Where is Concordia?  We found it so insulting that UofT had no TV station to call its own, but Concordia has one?  So me and my friend decided to make one, out of spite.  Honestly.  I’m pretty sure we’re the only club that was ever created entirely out of spite.

Afterwards we searched around and noticed that the best student TV was being done at Harvard.  I then made it my goal and inner motto: Beat Harvard.


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