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Is it just me or has messaging one another changed? The construct of language between one another is becoming more varied; new forms of conversations are emerging. We find ourselves inventing new acronyms or abbreviations to shorten words even further. What once use to be just “lol” and “brb” are now a part of the past. Maybe I’m just stuck to the past, or just reluctant to realize that I am aging….sigh.

As I speak and converse with the younger generation I find myself mind-boggled as I try to understand the latest acronyms being used, whether it be ‘dw’, ‘ikr’, ‘idk’ or ‘smh’ (which I pronounced as “smuh” for the longest time). I pretend as if I am fully aware as to what they say and go on with the conversation, a skill that has been useful for quite awhile. What I find interesting is the majority of the younger generation seem to be using these forms of acronyms, whereas the older generation are used to the ‘lol’ and ‘brb’. This made me wonder, can language be constructed by age? I mean after all, our parents don’t always understand the slang we use today. Could it be that messaging is turning into the new form of slang in which abbreviations are the norm?

If this becomes the norm in messaging, someone needs to make an app for urban dictionary that would define these acronyms as you read the messages. I believe I am not the only one out there who finds himself or herself clueless talking to people, who constantly use these newer forms of lingo. I have even noticed some using abbreviations to a farther extent, in which these abbreviations are used in face to face conversations, rather than laughing they would say “lol”. I cannot comprehend as to why people would say these abbreviations rather than actually laughing. After all we’re not robots that are programmed by the way we message one another; we’re intellectual human beings who have the capacity to use language to our advantage. Is my worst fear of George Orwell’s “1984” already coming to a reality, where people start speaking in doublespeak?

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