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By now, a lot of you have probably seen the video of this crazy Asian guy dancing in public all across Toronto, groovin’ to Soulja Boy, in his underwear. The purported reason for the video is to break the stereotype that Asians are shy. Are Asians shy? How does this video break that stereotype? Over at blogTO the video has already been receiving some heated comments, from applause, to critique of his dance moves, to some pretty critical commentary on Sexy Dragon as a person.

Well, we at blogUT figured the best way to understand the reason behind this madness was to go talk to the man himself! After all, he’s a U of T Electrical Engineering student. So, what’s his story? Read on to find out!

Actually, if you click around a bit and visit the Sexy Dragon Productions website, it says clearly what the video is about: “Sexy Dragon Production has been filming this video at various locations in Toronto as a first promotional video for [an] upcoming rap song.”

Turns out our friend Yang A.K.A. the Sexy Dragon is a man with a plan. I sat down to chat with him to find out what it’s all about.

What the goal for Sexy Dragon Productions?
The goal of Sexy Dragon is to start a group, a following, that is willing to challenge the social norm and break stereotypes. “Every social movement starts with one person,” Yang says. What it takes to start a movement is for one person to stand out with a message that people can get behind. Then, a crowd will form around the message and follow the leader and a movement is born. In the future, Sexy Dragon wants to grow its following and interact with the crowd that’s part of the movement.

How do you have the balls to dance in your underwear in public?
“Personal life experiences, and an impulsive personality,” says Yang. It’s definitely not a one step thing, but a gradual progression. Most people are confined to living within their boundaries, like living in a box. It takes time to expand your boundaries and eventually step outside the box.

How do you handle criticism?
As always, YouTube and blogs are filled with people drunk on the haterade. There’s plenty of criticism, but Yang seems to have a handle on this. Sexy Dragon removes offensive comments that may offends its viewers. On negativity, Yang says, “I can understand where people are coming from, but it doesn’t really bother me.”

What’s in store & upcoming for Sexy Dragon?
Well, the second video has been filmed and is in post production. It’s about being proud of who you are and being proud of your culture. It features Yang in a giant banana suit, and the fine lady you saw at the end of the first video. Take a look at the teaser for the second video below:

Shout outs!
Shout outs go out to the Sexy Dragon Production team: Ian (G69), Dominik (Big D), Mark (Mack Daddy), and Kelvin (Sexing). “Although I’m the one in the video, it’s not a one man thing. I want to give credit to the whole team here,” says Yang.

If you want to be one of the first to see the 2nd Sexy Dragon video, you can become a fan of Sexy Dragon on Facebook and also follow Sexy Dragon on twitter. So, what do you think of Sexy Dragon?

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