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I don’t handle expectations well.

I was an excitable kid. And I hated school, so I counted the days to each weekend and vacation. In June in grade 5 I made a list of all the things I’d need for the summer. When it was done, I transcribed it onto another sheet of lined paper with neater writing. When I needed to add something – “money, as much as possible” – I rewrote the list again.

I still keep lists of all the things I want to do.


But I rarely get through them. Sometimes I wonder if planning my fun is a bad thing. I’m not very spontaneous – that’s one of my most uncharming qualities.

But I know that I won’t get through my non-list either. At least when it’s planned – fatelessly, even – I enjoy looking forward to the fun I won’t have.

Enjoy your reading week, UofT.

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