April 2007 – blogUT


It’s a volunteer appreciation party for UTSU (University of Toronto Student Union). There’ll be free food and also an “appreciation ceremony”. On their facebook event page is a list of all the things that UTSU did this year, and it’s quite an impressive list. A little self-congratulatory perhaps? But hey, everyone needs a little appreciation once in a while.

Two pats on the back for sure, UTSU. Perhaps you disagree… having never actually found out/or gone to any of the events on that list. Well, why not go to this one. Tell them how they can improve and do better next year while eating their free food. It’s a win win.

When: Monday, April 30, 2007, 4pm – 6pm
Where: Croft Chapter House at University College, 15 Kings College Circle
Details: There will be free food. What kind? I’m not sure, it doesn’t say. See Facebook event page.

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