Framework Foundation and United Way Silent Auction

I hear you. The last time you went to an art auction, you really wanted that Picasso, but the $13.48 you had in your pocket didn’t quite cut it. Not only did you leave empty handed, but you didn’t even have enough money to buy a second martini from the bar!

This art auction will be different. Instead of collecting monetary funds, you bid on art by local artists (no, not sketches of their feet) by bidding a number of hours you are willing to volunteer for a charity organization of your choice! Not only can you act like a high-roller by buying out the auction, but your wallet won’t even feel a dent!

This is how it works: firstly, you get to meet all of the different volunteer agencies that you will potentially be helping out. Then, you will bid on the artwork of local artists by volunteering hours (the average piece of art ‘costs’ about 175 hours of volunteer work). Even if the bidding wars start to heat up and get too steep for your liking, all event guests only have to volunteer 20 hours of work, no other commitments are necessary.

Life can be hectic, and although many people want to lend a helping hand, it can be fairly intimidating to know how and where to begin. If that’s how you feel, this event would be a great place to get started.

When: Saturday, April 28th, doors open at 7:00 pm
Where: The Berkeley Church, 315 Queen St., East
Details: Tickets are $20, and on sale now until April 21st. They can be purchased from the Framework Foundation office, located at 425 University Ave., Suite 900.

For more information about how to register, and to see a list of the volunteer agencies, please visit the Framework Foundation website. Also, check out this YouTube Video from the 2006 Framework Foundation Timeraiser.

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