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Dear First-Years,

Well hello there my fellow first years. Yes, I am one of you – an overwhelmed and stressed U of T freshman. Who knew university would be this hard? I’m slowly (but surely) adjusting to university life, but I can’t help but wonder… am I the only one who can’t believe it’s already October?! Where has the time gone?

Ah, yes… readings, a first-year’s best friend. Speaking of readings, I should probably be doing them at the moment, considering I’m slightly behind in some classes (as many of you probably are as well – you’re not alone!). I’m pretty sure the professors snicker to themselves as they write our syllabi and choose our weekly readings; there’s just not enough time.

September was a month of awkward firsts: the first friend made during frosh (usually through an embarrassing activity), the first time getting lost on campus and, for most first years, the first lecture in Con Hall. Personally, I don’t find classes in Con Hall as intimidating as some people do. Maybe it’s because I sit at the front like a super nerd and zone everyone else out, or maybe because almost every class I have is in it. To each their own, I guess.

Although it may have been an awkward month, September allowed us to feel more integrated within the university and make it seem not as intimidating. Having said that, after my first month at U of T I feel at home. I’m a commuter but, regardless, I think it’s vital for everyone to find their place and not just feel like a number. Whether you choose to join a club, the gym, or a sport is up to you. It might be where you meet a new friend or become your favourite place on campus. Who knows?

As we move into October, I’m still struggling with staying on top of schoolwork, sleep, a social life, and a part time job. University is a lot harder than I thought it would be and I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. When life gets overwhelming (which it’s bound to get), we need to remember we’re only freshmen. We’re in a new environment, and it’ll take time to adjust. I’m praying this month is less stressful than September, but as I’ve heard from upper year friends the next few weeks are just the calm before the storm of midterms. Sounds like some quality time in Robarts is in store for us soon.

Guess that’s just the life of a U of T student.

Your fellow first year,


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