October 2012 – blogUT

There’s a strange sense of self-assurance and pride that one gets after looking at a completed, ready-to-send-off resume… as long as it’s well done. Resumes give a lovely list of everything you’ve done that makes you an asset to someone – which isn’t something we normally think about on a regular basis.

It might be a bit too early to start looking at jobs, but it will soon be that time to start sending out formal documents and applications for things you want to do next summer. I don’t mean this to be a how-to-write-a-resume post because the University of Toronto Career Centre offers much better advice. Instead, I’m going to list some options for assistance if you’ve never written a resume before:

  • Consider the online program Optimal Resume found under Online Resources.
  • Check out the Resume workshops offered.
  • Try out Resume Clinic appointments offered Tuesday to Friday. Sign up is done online and starts at 9:30AM the day of.

It’s never too early to start preparing, which can save you some stress in the future. Besides, listing your accomplishments is always a big ego boost!

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