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Big Sushi
388 Bloor Street West | 11 Minutes from St George Station
Entrees: $6.00 – $13.00

Big Sushi checks off almost all of my boxes: it’s affordable, it’s well-located, it has a warm and pleasant ambiance, it has excellent service, it has large portions, it has a huge menu with many selections, the food is okay, and it’s affordable. That first and last item is one worth repeating, considering how difficult it can be to make money stretch when eating out. Take some time to peruse the expansive menu and pick an old favourite or something new (did someone say “fried chicken roll?”). Because of the large quantities, Big Sushi is a great place to go with a small group and order a bunch of stuff to share, or, if you prefer, a single bento box will hold you off for a meal and a half.

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