July 2015 – blogUT

Billing itself as the “Uber for haircuts” and founded by U of T alumni with on-the-go students in mind, Cutdle is a mobile hairdressing service where clients can have their hair styled at their convenience out of the comfort of their homes.

For $15 a cut, $45 a colour and $50 for “creative” styles, the convenience of Cutdle’s service is paired with prices 20-30% less expensive than those offered by most brick-and-mortar salons. Appointments are made easily online and paid for by credit card in advance. All (three) of Cutdle’s stylists are highly experienced, and seem like nice enough people to let into one’s home carrying sharp implements.

Stylists cover their work space with a drop-mat and travel with vacuum cleaners to clean up after themselves following a cut. Because most students’ homes aren’t equipped with hair-washing sinks, customers are instructed to wash their hair ten minutes prior to the appointment, eliminating the luxury of having one’s scalp massaged with high-end products that is often the main draw of having one’s hair styled at a salon in the first place.

Yet for those strapped for time or cash (first cut %50 off, U of T!), comparably-Spartan Cutdle provides a reliable, timely and high-quality service. The format lends itself especially well to women wanting their hair done prior to an event, eliminating the need for either hobbling to a salon in evening wear or hoping that the styling one received five hours previous still looks good by eight o’clock. Clients with mobility needs could also seek to benefit from the existence of a service like Cutdle.

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