February 2009 – blogUT

Danny Boylephoto courtesy of telegraph.co.uk

From the opening performance by host Hugh Jackman to the success of the underdog yet beloved Slumdog Millionaire, the many other unusual displays in last night’s Oscars, this year’s show was perhaps the best of all the ones I’ve ever seen.   Albeit I’ve only seen about five or six previous ones, and I have little recollection of them,  perhaps due to their mediocrity. I must say, Hugh Jackman was more entertaining than I expected. Since he is an actor and not a comedian, like the past hosts, I had lower expectations and did not expect Jackman to impress, sorry. In the end, he sure did and his dancing was indeed the highlight for me. His good looks and lovely Australian accent, ability to charm the whole crowd and good comedic timing were all reasons he made such a good and endearing host.
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