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All of us have had that one boss that we didn’t like.  A boss who, for some unknown reason, hated their own life and took it out on others.  Unfortunately it seems to be part of the criteria for success: tolerating or overcoming a “horrible boss” to get to the top. Whether it be embarrassing or degrading, it’s the experience that’s made us stronger … or at least we would like to believe so.

New this summer is the film “Horrible Bosses” starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis along side Kevin Spacey, Collin Farrell, Jennifer Aniston and Jamie Foxx.  With an A-list cast such as this its easy to clash: each star competing for the attention with bigger and bigger jokes resulting in an unrealistic, over-the-top flop.  “Horrible Bosses” manages to avoid this through the amazing chemistry of its actors.  The dry humour of Collin Farrell’s cocaine-addicted character and Kevin Spacey’s manipulative role paired with the dark, sexual comments said by Jennifer Aniston add to the comedy of the three stooges: Jason, Jason and Charlie.  Lets not forget the hilarious appearance of Jamie Foxx as Motherf*cker Jones, a name that in itself shows diversity from his Oscar-winning performance as Ray Charles in “Ray”.

The film starts out a bit slow, gradually drawing in the audience to meet and befriend its protagonists before upping the anti with witty jokes and slapstick humour.  “Horrible Bosses” combines a hilarious cast, impeccable chemistry, a simplistic storyline and a masterful script – the ingredient for a great comedy.  This summer hit is a must-see for anyone with a twisted funny bone.

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Check out the trailer here: Horrible Bosses Trailer

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