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On the Radar is blogUT’s newest column to help you tap into U of T. Through a weekly compilation of blogs, soundbytes, videos, tweets, and quotes by U of T students, I want to encapsulate the student condition. And what better way to see what’s going on in students’ minds than to take a look at their social networks? Check out what’s buzzin’ at U of T with On the Radar!

This week on the web:

Tweet Therapy for ROSI Rage: It’s that time of year again: countless hours spent planning and making game plans, sleepless nights spent monitoring waitlist statuses, and still getting screwed over by the Gods of ROSI. It looks likes students are turning to Twitter for cathartic release:

Student Ambassadors: Follow U of T’s Student Life Ambassadors on Twitter: Sarah (me), Shoaib, Cynthia, Matthew and Catherine.

You can read their profiles here. Throughout the year, they’ll be tweeting about campus life, overcoming challenges, and answering any questions you may have about life at U of T.


In Pictures: Pictures and captions taken from Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and College Fashionista.

Love marker drawings, I wish I can have a set of Tombow markers! That’s my school, University of Toronto, and by the way I am a Life Science student! Yea, majoring in Psychology!

#masturbating #haha #ew

Sometimes I stop hating school long enough to realize how pretty campus can be. – Milkinbags

Stop Animal Research at UofT

UofT Streetstyle Interview for CollegeFashionista.com Catalina Gomez

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