National Sweater Day

On February 17, join fellow U of T students in participating in the new World Wildlife Fund Canada initiative, National Sweater Day. Similar to WWF’s Earth Hour campaign, National Sweater Day is a Canadian initiative which hopes to bring all our nation’s citizens together for one day of unified action, promoting the universal goal of year-round energy-conservation. The project asks participants to turn down their thermostats by 3 degrees and wear a sweater. This simple task, when performed collectively, allows for a significant reduction in energy usage.

If you wish to go above and beyond wearing a sweater and turning down your thermostat for this initiative, get others involved by organizing your own ugly sweater party on National Sweater Day. You may also speak to your professor, department head, or residence don about programming opportunities surrounding the day.

National Sweater Day is a chance for you to make a meaningful difference for the environment on an individual scale, and to contribute to the success of the initiative on a society-wide scale. Participate on February 17, 2011 and practice energy conservation with all of Canada.

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