Discovery Has No Roadmap – blogUT

In one episode of The West Wing, speechwriter Sam Seaborn finds himself trying to secure funding for a quantum physics experiment that has no practical applications, whatsoever. Trying to justify himself, as usual, before an unfriendly senator, Sam shouts out that the experiment matters because discovery has no roadmap, because we cannot know when something …

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June 2007 – blogUT

Image taken from the very slick flight booking site vayama If you’ve noticed that blogUT posts have been slowing down a bit lately, I apologize. That’s because your truly, JP, has been busy preparing for a 3 month stint in Japan. Don’t worry, I fully plan on keeping blogUT going, and updating as much as …

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Ocean’s Thirteen – blogUT

Two years ago, I attended the North American Premiere of Steven Soderbergh’s Bubble, and wrote a review in which I wrote : “Let’s hope Mr. Soderbergh continues on with such creative ‘indie’ fare and that he won’t be wasting his talent on an Ocean’s Thirteen anytime soon.” I had not intended that statement to be …

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It’s Perfect Tennis Weather, so Play Tennis! – blogUT

Wycliffe College Tennis Court at intersection of Hoskin Ave & University Ave. I hope everyone’s been enjoying the beautiful weather that June has brought us. The tennis players out there know that there’s no summer sport like a good round of tennis. Unfortunately, the public courts around campus are in terrible condition, and the AC …

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K-os @ Yonge & Dundas Square 8:30 pm on the sunny Friday evening found me hitting up one of the free NXNE shows at Y&D Square. Arriving just on time I valiantly dove into the beyond packed crowd of fans,… Read more →

Hot Docs 2007 – Helvetica – blogUT

Helvetica is a sans serif font, best known as the default font on Apple computers; Arial is Microsoft’s inferior imitation font. This year marks the 50th anniversary of Helvetica: New York City’s MOMA held an exhibition in its honour and director Gary Huswit made a documentary, Helvetica. Huswit interviewed a variety of typeface experts, from …

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This week on the web: It’s… (in the voice of DJ Pauly D) TUITION TIME, students remember Jack Layton, and U of T gives water bottles the boot! Told you this week would be jam-packed. Read more →

HotDocs 2010: Nénette – blogUT

Nicholas Philibert’s Nénette is a 70-minute film in which we constantly observe 40-year-old orangutan, Nénette, and her two orangutan companions, through the glass, in her captive habitat at a Paris zoo. Orangutans live to 30-35 years in the wild, so Nénette is quite old, but Philibert has us questioning, throughout the movie, if those extra …

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April 2007 – blogUT

It’s a volunteer appreciation party for UTSU (University of Toronto Student Union). There’ll be free food and also an “appreciation ceremony”. On their facebook event page is a list of all the things that UTSU did this year, and it’s quite an impressive list. A little self-congratulatory perhaps? But hey, everyone needs a little appreciation …

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Framework Foundation and United Way Silent Auction

I hear you. The last time you went to an art auction, you really wanted that Picasso, but the $13.48 you had in your pocket didn’t quite cut it. Not only did you leave empty handed, but you didn’t even have enough money to buy a second martini from the bar! This art auction will …

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