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Anyone, everyone… if there’s one thing you get out of this blog, it’s this: if you’re thinking of ever coming to visit Paris, come in the spring. I hate getting all nostalgic about pretty things but I have never seen anything in my life more beautiful than Paris in the spring. Anything. Sometimes I wonder if the entire city was built so that the sun and the breeze and the flower buds would pop up in it in the most gorgeous way possible. It’s the loveliest thing I have ever seen!

Also, this city is chock full of characters and everyone seems to come out to play in the spring. Singers, homeless people with bright red shoes, ballerinas, hip hoppers, busy architects, old ladies, pretty boys… you name it, they will be there. It’s great fun and absolutely ridiculous.

I love Paris in the spring.


Also another reason to love Paris at any time:
Hahaha! (1:58-2:05 is my favorite part.)

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